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About Abby The Traveler

We at Abby The Traveler would like to offer you good, correctly and useful information about destinations, and help you reach your traveling goal. If your dream is to travel far away to exotic places or you want a short weekend break, we will be happy to assist you. Whether your travel budget is limited or limitless, if you have special requests or just want to get a bit away. Our goal in Abby The Traveler is to assist and help you, and make your journey as perfect as possible for you. We want, in the best possible way to help and to answer any questions you may have about your trip, regardless of destination in the world.

You in the center

We at Abby The Traveler will give you as a user of our service, the opportunity to provide feedback from your site so that others can benefit and learn from your experiences. You can review your own page on Abby The Traveler, build your own list of places you've been or places you want to travel and especially the places that you love and want to go back to.


Abby The Traveler allows you this and much more. This being the great deals from our partners around the world, while constantly renews and improves information from destinations worldwide.

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Abby The Traveler
Provides information and tips about places around the world...
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